Thursday, November 1, 2007

The potential benefits of boosting self-efficacy

In today’s world, workforce is reduced in a significant volume and the result of such an experience can be devastating for people to cope with, resulting a great-loss in their sense of self-efficacy.

As we know that people suffering from low self-efficacy is itself a delicate issue to deal with, moreover, we can see that when an individual become doubtful about his or her own activities, it can lead him or her to be less-effective than ever and this also leads to depression following less-efficacy and gradually worsening the condition. In that way, they are simple getting trapped in a vicious circle that makes their life more intolerant day-by-day.

Recognizing the impact of this kind of vicious circle that can develop, researchers suggested to follow 2 techniques which are especially designed to help restore individual’s distorted self-efficacy.

Technique 1: How to be more effective

Technique 2: Reality Therapy through Modeling

Research shows that self-efficacy is a changeable characteristic, and it can be significantly raised even by short-term interventions and the person acts more confidently. Hence boosting self-efficacy results a productive impact imparting the message of identifying self-potentiality, self-confidence and self-image.
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