Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lets talk about mushrooms...

There are numerous numbers of mushrooms available in the supermarket. Both cultivated and wild, though some mushroom-lovers’ preference runs with the wild one, as because of their wonderful luscious flavor. But one must be little careful while selecting their wild one, as some species are found poisonous sometimes. Well, there are bunch of mushrooms available in the market, below is a brief overview on some of them.

Black Trumpet Mushroom: This contains a high rich flavor; especially dried black trumpet mushrooms are excellent.

• Blue Leg Mushroom: This has achieved beauty crown among the mushrooms. It looks more beautiful than its flavor, as it is delicious but mild in nature.

• Italian Brown Mushroom: Sometimes also known as Brown Mushroom. These are richer in the flavor than the common white mushroom available in the market.

• Egg Mushroom: Also known as Yellow Chanterelle, and is considered as the king of the edible mushroom kingdom because of its rich texture, beautiful color and of course superb flavor.

• Porcini Mushroom: These are very common as well as adorable in European market. It has a meaty texture and fascinating flavor. It is also little bit costly especially when it comes with large cap.

• Black Forest Mushroom: This type of mushroom goes well as a substitute foe meat because of their meaty texture. They are big in size, suitable for soup and contain an earthen wild flavor.

• Pioppini Mushroom: They are found on trees, very tasty and pepper-like flavor, nice to add in soup.

• Paddy Straw Mushroom: Very common in most of the supermarkets, comes in canned, but preferably, dried (not in can) is having more intense flavor, which can work well in any kind of Chinese cuisine.

• Velvet Foot Mushroom: Also known as Snow Puff Mushroom, contains an interesting but delicate fruity flavor, and appropriate for serving raw.
There are lots of other edible varieties available in market. Those mentioned here are few important among them.

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