Friday, January 4, 2008

Interpay between Child's Disability, Hyperactivity and Influence in Class-room Setup

By Sudipa Sarkar
Among all the other social systems influencing our psycho-behaviour development, school plays the most important role in the area of a child’s cognitive, emotional, language, personal, social and moral development. In school the development of a child is merely done through different psycho-social interactions among peer members as well as teachers and others. This interaction plays the most crucial role in the path of development of a child. In the case of child’s disability and hyperactivity problem, this interaction with the environment gets affected due to the conflict between the child’s personal world and his perceived external world, which inevitably turns into learning problem by affecting the classroom setting for the child and others as well.

For children with learning disability or hyperactivity disorder worsen the situation by their functional limitation to engross into both academic and non-academic activities. And for hyperactive children the issue turns into more complication as there is no physical disorder associated with it, but it can be manifested through behavioural activities, including off-task behaviours, incomplete or lost assignments, unsystematic, careless work, untidy handwriting, unable to keep focus on something particular, lack of accuracy, not following lessons, difficulty in social interaction, etc. It becomes almost impossible for them to perform attentively in a normal classroom setup as they inadvertently show restlessness, unable to wait for individual turn, create interruption or unnecessary intrusion on other people, talks excessively, which naturally intensify disturbance for every other one belonging in a normal classroom setup as well as for the victim himself. This, as the time flows, changes its dimension in a different direction leading adolescents to perceive more problems in the area of cognitive investment, problem-solving ability and management of thinking pattern as well and eventually causes an adolescent to face more crises in academic institution day by day.

As because the disorder itself influence and distort the link of interaction between the self and the world, so the child, in turn, needs to be seen as an object in the system closed with certain barriers of the difficulties that the disorder imposing on him. In order to break this barrier and relate with the significance of the world and its interrelation with the other objects in the system, it is inevitably necessary for the child to belong to such a setup which motivates, encourages and sensibly inspires him to acclimatize in his learning process. And for that to be materialized in a class-room setup of a special education system, the area of individual attention, activity-oriented lesson plan, highly motivated and enhanced course curriculum along with the opportunity to gather hand-on working experiences, monitoring peer interaction, providing frequent feedback, etc to name a few which may count as the most needful factors to initiate the process of designing a special setup for them.

It is very evident that a student with disability or hyperactivity may face any degree of difficulties on his way to become accustomed with academic skills in a school setting. Therefore, it is extremely important both for the parents and teachers to implement a empathetic (not just sympathetic) supportive system so that a student suffering from disability or hyperactivity problem may find himself or herself in a better way and may become able to build up with confidence to cope up with all difficulties in life.
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