Friday, September 28, 2007

How do group therapies work to solve personal problems

Group therapies are characterized by procedures in which several people discuss their problems with one another in the presence and under conditional intervention of a trained therapist. In some cases, clients are referred to participate in group therapy followed by individual counseling. As for example, Sigmund Freud’s modified for of psychodrama in which group members act out their problems in front of one another, often on an actual stage. In other cases, psychodrama involves role reversal, in which group members switch their parts, and mirroring, in which they portray one another on the stage. Both of the cases, the objective of the therapy is to show the clients’ the way they behave as well as to identify the factors behind their actions.

In behavioral group therapies, people are taught to acquire basic social skills, including dealing with communication problem to managing emotion in public. This type of therapy also focuses on assertiveness problem as well as identifying out-of-the-space tendencies, which acts as a strong motivator in self-induced social isolation and aggression.

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