Saturday, October 6, 2007

Dover sole

Dover sole is popular as one of the emperors among ocean fishes. This belongs to a flatfish variety. The flavor of this fish is too good and its texture is light, but firm to hold in hand, but it produces a protective substance in its body, which makes its body little slippery also. It lives in ocean-depth. Its size generally doesn’t exceed 75-76cm. It is very popular in European countries throughout the season.

The Main commercial sources for this fish covers the Eastern North Specific zone ranging from the Bering Sea to Baja California in Mexico. Dover sole is basically found in market in three forms, (1) fillet, (2) fresh or (3) frozen. But adding bones in cooking obviously add some great taste and extra flavor indeed. From the source of USDA, we get a nutritional information about this fish, which says that, per 100 gm edible amount per serving, it contains 1.18 gm total fat and 18.8 gm total protein altogether.

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