Thursday, November 8, 2007

Current Trends in Exotic Facials

Women will go extraordinarily lengths to keep their epidermis happy. In that way to their movement facials play a great role. Today’s trend of doing facials takes a new shape. Facials are created from everyday stuff like rice and fruits and even exotic, expensive substances like gold, silver, diamonds, gems and pearls are the order of the day, promising you everything short of eternal youth. It is said by many experts that the ashes of gems are used in Ayurveda treatments because they affect the skin at a cellular level and improve its cell renewal process. In fact, people are opting for these facials and applying gold and pearl creams regularly to improve the quality of their skin.

To make your complexion flawless and radiant, you can always choose diamond facial packed with diamond dust in the form of cream, mask, re-hydrant lotion or protective base. Skin lightening is available in the form of pearl facial. It is believed that the peal influences the transfer of melanin, a natural pigment, to the skin surface, preventing tanning and pigmentation of the skin.

There are Rosacea and Plantomer facial for extra-sensitive skin and exposed skin respectively, which works like magic to remove irritation and fatigue from body and skin, as per experts report.

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