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BIG 5 Factors Model of personality

The Big 5 (also known as The Five Factor Model of Personality) is based on the assumption that personality can be defined and hence measured on five broad dimensions or traits: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism. This together is known as OCEAN, made of the first letters of the five traits. Many of the famous personality researchers, including Allport and Odbert's, Webb, Garnett, Goldberg, Costa and McCrae have contributed significantly in this model to build up.

1. Openness to experience: ranging from original, amusing, and having broad interests at one end to realistic, easy-going and having narrow interests at the other.

2. Conscientiousness: ranging from efficient, cautious, abstemious, conscientious, and precise at the one end to messy, reckless, sloppy, and fickle at the other.

3. Extraversion: ranging from lively, passionate, outgoing, and loquacious at one end to shy, serious, aloof, quiet, and vigilant at the other.

4. Agreeableness: ranging from pleasant, helpful, and innocent at one end to bad-tempered, distrustful, and pigheaded at the other.

5. Neuroticism: ranging from balanced, quiet, self-possessed, and not hypochondriac at one end to anxious, restless, edgy, and hypochondriac at the other.

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