Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The basic points to be kept in mind while practicing meditation

Meditation helps an individual to get into the inner self to discover the wisdom and serenity lies within. Meditation is a practice which helps to control the mind through the process of observation, awareness and harmony. It induces natural order in life.

The following points are to be considered to make an effective environment while practicing meditation:-

• Try to maintain same place and same time on a daily schedule basis.
• Select a time, when more or less, your mind is fresh
• Sit up straight with your back, neck and head in one line. Don’t allow your spine to get bend.
• Try to remain quite, at least physically. Let your mind speak. Don’t force.
• Regulate your breathing. Start with 30 seconds of deep breathing. And then make it gradually slow.
• Follow a rhythmic breathing pattern while inhale and exhale, this rhythm will allow your mind to get more focused with your breathing style, in turn, resulting more focus on single object (here, your own breathing pattern).
• After from focusing on your own breathing rhythm, let your mind wander, do not force it to concentrate on anything. This is very important. Otherwise, if you do that it will bring more diffusion in your thought process.
• If you consciously do not create force on your mind to get focused on a single object, it will automatically bring you down there. It can be anything.
• Now hold your object of concentration at this focal point throughout your session.• Meditation happens when you reach a state of pure thought, even while maintaining an awareness of dual self.

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